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The Eternal Leaf

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How to join

Social invite

Are you here just for a fun conversation? A cup of tea while talking about that chipmunk you caught in guild chat?

This is all possible!

Our events are all optional, you decide if you are here just for a nice conversation or for the bigger picture!

Merely request a loyal+ for an invite to the guild!


Here for the adventure? The thrill of making our own choices and forging your own destiny?

Look no further than our roleplay, in which you will be let loose into a world of opportunities, consequences and choices with our very own RPG system!

Meet one of the guild’s characters in game and receive your interview to join our RP.

Raiding team

Here to venture into the challenge to vanquish bosses together and united with your team?

Do you wish to be part of a relatively well oiled yet casual machine?

Join our raid team via our Discord and you too may catch those purples in good company! Please turn to a guild member for information to join our Discord.

Join us through Guild Finder

The Eternal Leaf is listed in the in-game Guild Finder. Request to join the guild through there.
Find the Guild Finder in the Guild tab in-game and search for The Eternal Leaf.

Looking forward to finding your in-game request!