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About The Eternal Leaf

The Eternal Leaf

We are a casual RP, PvE and PvP guild formed in late cataclysm. We are nearing 7 years as a wow guild and community and are always looking to the future. Our guild is very RP heavy, with a definite lust for a raiding scene and some casual PvP on the side.

We very much view the game as a game. From day one we have been dedicated to providing a casual experience. We don’t like to lock out people based on their skill and time and want everyone to find their place in the guild. Whether that would be in roleplay, PvP, PvE you name it. New players are very welcome, it is always a delight to help people get into the game we love. As for beginners in RP, the same applies. RP is a medium of storytelling not many wow players get to experience. Whilst we are casual however, we still do like to take down bosses, have complex storylines and RP and defeat our opponent on the battlefield! We strike a good balance that creates a nice social environment where many have met some of their best friends.

I very much hope to be seeing you on our discord, in our guild chat or in the game!