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What is Roleplaying? (WoW RP)

Word of Warcraft is an MMORPG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. As such, a large part of the community enjoys WoW RP. Assuming the role of a mighty warrior, a gentle priest or a simple guard. The Eternal Leaf focusses on this aspect of the game. Setting up both large and small events. Ranging from taking a day to taking multiple nights to complete. We weave together a story for our members where they decide what happens next. Soon we, as a WoW RP guild, continues our advantures in WoW RP in the Shadownalds expansion. If you enjoy things such as Dungeons and Dragons, RP might be what you have been missing. Pick your race, personality and appearance and join us in our adventures across the world of warcraft.

Into the Shadowlands!

Death is right around the corner and the Eternal Leaf needs your help to overcome the darkness that awaits us.

How do we Roleplay?

The Eternal leaf has gone around for a long time, as such we have developed our own RP system over time. Taking a lot of inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, we fight and roll with a D20 based system and have created a character sheet that can be adjusted to fit your specific character. Having a range of talents, abilities, traits and backgrounds to pick from. Personalize your character with the abilities offered or suggest a new ability if you feel we are missing something that could be implemented and add it to our Roleplay!

Become an addition to our order and join our stories, as we take the next chapter of RP in Shadowlands! Once you joined the Discord contact Vandos or any of the masters to gain a character sheet along with a short guide and you are ready to go!

Exciting campaigns

Our Roleplay consist of campaigns created by Vandos and his team. Ranging from shorter events taking one or two night to larger event taking over the course of a couple of weeks. Join our long exciting campaigns, meet new characters, NPC’s and triggering an array of events as you venture onwards. Fight, laugh and cry as you progress through the stories set up. Be at the steering wheel as you can direct the course of the story. Will you fight? Or will you pick flight? Take up arms or evacuate the civilians. You decide together with those that join our story.

We need you to increase our numbers! We need you to stop what would happen next would we not interfere!

Rules of Roleplay

Our guild follows the basic Roleplaying rules set by the Roleplaying community. These rules include staying within character during events as best as you can. Avoid “lolling” or otherwise bothering the guild during the Roleplay or any other members of the RP community.

New to WoW RP?

Don’t worry!

We provide a casual experience for both experienced and newer roleplayers. We try to keep our system simple to understand while still maintaining some complexity and depth. Among us, you won’t ever have to worry about being new!