Together we stand strong in

Player vs. Environment

Through The Eternal Palace

Beside our Raid Leader


Elryion (also known as Jag) is currently leading the raiding team to victory!

Our Ideology

Sharpen your skills, get better gear and have a laugh while at it! We raid and attempt the highest possible keys done for our skill Level. We organize casual Raid nights and enjoy doing mythics with our team.

Bolster our PvE team and make some friends while you join the team!

Killing things comes second!

Our main focus as a guild is the Rp but second to that is our raiding team. PvE is merely for fun and casual raiding is what we do. Our goal is to pick up curve and gather gear with the highest possible gears.

We improve and clear raids on normal and heroic. No man left behind!

Do you wish to join the team?

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Together we fight side by side and progress through countless minions and bosses, hopefully to eventually bring an end to the reign of Queen Aszhara! We are still expanding our raiding team, and we hope to see you among our ranks!

A Mission

Rampage through raid tiers and have a laugh while doing so. That is our mission. Be it Normal or Heroic, we aim to have fun at our raid nights. That means, that there ar no strict rules in the raids. Though, we do emphasize on the fact that we want to get bosses down and encourage raiders and members to join regularly and better themselves.

So, lets rampage through those raid tiers and we want you along for that ride!
For the Alliance!