The Eternal Leaf enters

The Shadowlands

Looking for new adventures? Then join our community with vast opportunities.

The Eternal Leaf has left their mark on the server Argent Dawn since 2012 and offered people the chance to experience roleplay and raiding alike. Are you up for the fun? Then fight with us today!


Join our roleplay community as we delve into our newest campaign “Wrath of the Damned”, an event that will take place all around Azeroth, immersing you with creatures never seen before and villains both old and new.


Maybe the raiding scene is something for you? Enjoy fighting with a full fleshed team against enemies big and bigger as you push towards heroic raiding and mythic+ difficulties.


Else you could give PvP a chance? Shadowlands will be our start into pushing further into ranked, hoping to have fun while achieving rewards. Many more adventures await, but only time will tell what waits in store.

Death is right around the corner and the Eternal Leaf needs your help to overcome the darkness that awaits us.


A darkness hangs above Icecrown as the dead release their wrath on the living. And trough these unfortunate events, new evil starts crawling out of the deep darkness. Fight against the scourge lords and their minions as they try to take control of the armies of the damned by searching for certain artifacts. Meet faces both new and old and explore areas all over Azeroth in order to reclaim land from the enemy.

After all, we need you to defy the scourge.


Our guild gives you a unique RP experience trough the usage of character sheets which offers your character the chance to stand out more than ever before.

Want to be a Battlemage or a Druid Assassin? Make that possible by the unique spells that our system offers.

Are you a creative minded person who writes the adventures instead of fighting in them. In that case there is always a spot for new DMs who are willing to make our adventures more immersive then ever before.

Check out our RP system
Our RP system is meant to be a balance between easy to use and to understand while still providing complexity for the more advanced roleplayer. It allows us to use DM’s for adventures that can go in any direction. The true RPG experience.

Scourgelords of our roleplay

Ancient of Death

Lord of the Swarm

The Dread Captain

The Fallen Paladin

The Mad Doctor

Mistress of Voodoo


Master of Dragons

Count of the Castle

Specter of the Isles

The Council of Riders


Looking for a challenge?

Our guild offers you the chance to fight against some of the greater evils.

Join in on the fun of the raiding team and play with friends who are both dedicated and most importantly, wish to have some fun. And if you think it ends there, don’t worry. There is always someone around who is up to push mythic+ dungeons with a group of friends.


During Battle For Azeroth our guild made their first stand against the horde trough the means of PvP, and now we wish to push even further during Shadowlands.

Take on the fight against other players and shed blood in the name of The Eternal Leaf. Either by stepping into a battleground or a arena, enjoy your time with our newest pvp team.


Maybe you would also like to get to know the people who you are fighting next to a bit more as well. In that case, don’t worry.

Our discord server gives you the option to join one of the voice chats and create new bonds with people.

Either trough playing new games or meeting up in person, come together and enjoy a safe space in which you can relax and enjoy your free time.

Join us in Shadowlands

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