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The Eternal Leaf separates from Eternal in Classic

The Eternal Leaf now only exists in Battle for Azeroth

Since launch of World of Warcraft Classic, The Eternal Leaf have had a second guild running in Classic, hosting events in roleplay and raiding.

Time has come to acknowledge the separation of the two guilds, as from now on, Eternal will proceed as its own guild.

Times change, our lives change, and the interests of our community changes. Having looked forward to Classic for a long time, eventually it came to pass that the original game would be re-launched.

Many members took up their swords and fought back through the events of the past of Azeroth. Yet time went by and many realized that the present were more to their liking.

As The Eternal Leaf has always had the priority from the guild’s leadership, time and resources were eventually comitted only to The Eternal Leaf, and therefore the departure with Eternal who is now running on its own.

We encourage all players, who wish to spend time in the old Azeroth, to join Eternal on Hydraxian Waterlords EU and join The Eternal Leaf here for adventures in the present Azeroth.

Interested in joining us in Battle for Azeroth?

Our guild in Battle for Azeroth is called The Eternal Leaf – a Roleplaying guild running on Argent Dawn. Read more about our adventures in Battle for Azeroth through other pages of this website.
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