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Looking for a casual World of Warcraft Classic experience? Look no place further than <Eternal>

We are an existing WoW community since late Cataclysm and provide a wide variety of casual content in RP, PvE and PvP. Our classic branch will be an exciting expansion to our current community. We would be very happy to have you among us! We are dedicated to providing an experience that will encompass all of classic wow including raiding, battlegrounds, roleplay, world pvp and more.

Considering our guild is casual, we will not be rushing to end game content. It may be some time before we begin supporting it. Our initial focus is to provide a fun social environment in which we can level up together and have a classic adventure!

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Eternal will be on Horde-EU, Hydraxian Waterlords.

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Interested in joining us in Battle for Azeroth?

Our guild in Battle for Azeroth is called The Eternal Leaf – a Roleplaying guild running on Argent Dawn. Read more about our adventures in Battle for Azeroth through other pages of this website.
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